Daily menu card

Here are some examples of the daily changing menu of the Ristorante Pestalozzi:


CHF 3 as part of the menu / CHF 7 as single dish
Clear vegetable soup - Minestrone
Pumpkin cream soup
Zucchini potato soup


House made ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach CHF 17
Homemade lasagne bolognese (with meat) CHF 17


King prawns from the grill with Mediterranean sauce CHF 24
Fillet of perch with a light sauce of herbs CHF 21


Stew of veal (CH) with homemade spätzli (little dumplings) CHF 19
Ossobuco (braised leg of veal - CH) with saffron risotto CHF 19
Fillet of beef (CH) from the grill, French fried potatoes, salad CHF 34

Vegetarian specialties

Cereal balls with tomato-herbs-sauce CHF 16
Soufflé of grilled egg plants CHF 16
Polenta with boletus sauce CHF 18


Homemade apple or plumb or apricot cake CHF 5
Homemade chocolate cake CHF 5

Every Monday and Sunday(Autumn/Winter)      Pumpkin cream soup
Every Wednesday and Saturday         Fresh rösti (Swiss speciality)
Every Thursday (Autumn/Winter)        Boiled beef
Every Friday Housemade minestrone (vegetable soup)

....... and many other delightful dishes and menus !!