Lake Lugano

The Lake of Lugano wins the first prize as the most beautiful Swiss destination and offers a lot of possibilities to plan your leisure time. The Mediterranean flair together with the harmonious combination of water and mountains amazes and enchants thousands of tourists each year. Our recommendation: a boat trip from Lugano to the picturesque villages of Gandria or Morcote or to Melide to visit Swissminiatur.

Monte San Salvatore & Monte Brè

During your holidays in Lugano you can’t miss a visit to the Monte San Salvatore and Monte Brè. The Monte San Salvatore is also nicknamed "Sugar Loaf" for its resemblance to the emblem of Rio de Janeiro. Both mountains offer spectacular views of Lake Lugano and incite interesting walks in nature.

Further tourist attractions in Lugano & in Ticino

Here you find some more suggestions for your vacation in Lugano:

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