Culture in Lugano & in Ticino

Music and beautiful summer nights in Lugano

The coming together of history and culture will transform your stay into an unforgettable experience. Numerous museums, art exhibitions, places of interest and the theatre with their history and multiplicity are fascinating. Herein a choice for your Swiss holidays:

For the Lugano Estival jazz and the Blues to Bop Festival in summer the city and its centre are transformed into an international concert hall which welcomes the best jazz and blues musicians of the world.

The Lugano Music Festival is a special event of a high standard, which is dedicated to the classical music. 


LAC, Lugano Arte e Cultura

This is the designation of the new art and culture center which opened to the public on September 12, 2015 and which is dedicated to visual arts, scenic arts, and music.

A modern hall, featuring exceptional acoustics, for theatrical performances and concerts, a museum, and a vast artistic program thanks to which Lugano is a candidate to becoming one of Switzerland’s landmarks, as well as a cultural crossroad between the north and south of Europe.


To satisfy your further thirst for cultural knowledge, you should visit the following museums and places in and around Lugano: